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A taste of the Mediterranian

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About Us!

Mediterranian food like you have never tried before. As a small family business here at the gyro station, we care about our customers and the quality of our food. I as the business owner work 6 days a week to insure the best quality and freshness of the food we provide. Preparing and making sure we provide the best for our customers.

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  • “Friendly service and delicious food! Love their fries and gyro plates. Takeput is pretty fast as well”

    — Claire C.

  • “Easily my favorite Lebanese food in Seattle... and a cute little spot that's super clean and well-maintained. Perfectly fried falafel, great tasting hummus, and fresh Greek salad - what else could one ask for! Found it to be authentic & delicious. Will certainly be back for more yummy treats”

    — Elsa Y.

  • “Babagaboush and falafel are delicious. The falafels are made to order and they're perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The plates are large and the meats were well seasoned and flavorful. Perfect on a rainy day where we just wanted some brightness in our meal.”

    — Kieu N.

  • “Amazing Mediterranean food and great prices. Small place but the food is delicious and very fresh. The service was excellent for a snow day in Seattle. We ordered the chicken gyro and falafel sandwich, both were amazing.”

    — Anusha B.

Food Menu

All our food is halal


  • Gyro Wrap

    Flavorful grilled Lamb & Beef with tzatziki sauce.

  • Chicken Gyro Wrap

    Grilled Tender Chicken with tzatziki sauce.

  • Falafel Wrap

    Crispy fried Garbanzo beans and veggies with Hummus and Tahini sauce.

  • Mix Vegan

    Deep fried Falafel and Cauliflower with Hummus and Tahini sauce

  • Lamb Shawarma Wrap

    Grilled tender lamb chunks with Hummus and tahini sauce

  • Beef Shawarma wrap:

    Perfectly grilled Beef Chunks with Hummus and Tahini sauce

  • Chicken Shawarma wrap

    Soft grilled chicken strips with Garlic sauce.

  • Combo

    Make any Combo- Fries and Can drink


  • Gyro

    Seasoned thin sliced Lamb & beef served with tzatziki sauce.

  • Chicken Gyro

    Marinated tender chicken breasts served with tzatziki sauce.

  • Falafel

    Fresh garbanzo beans ground with veggies and fried to a golden crisp

  • Veggie Combo

    Falafel, Dolmas, Baba-Ganoush, Hummus and Tahini salad for our Vegan friends.

  • Beef Shawarma

    Quality Marinated beef served with Hummus.

  • Lamb Shawarma:

    Soft Marinated Lamb chunks served with Humus.

  • Chicken Kabob

    Juicy Charbroiled Chicken breasts served with Hummus.

  • Kofta Kabob

    Minced Lamb & beef charbroiled to perfection..

  • Beef Kabob

    Premium Charbroiled ground Beef served with Hummus.

  • Station Royal:

    Mix any two portions of your choice of Gyro, Chicken Gyro or Falafel to create your special meal.


  • Greek Salad

    fresh Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions and Green Peppers topped with Garlic sauce and Feta Cheese

  • Gyro Salad:

    Juicy grilled Lamb & Beef meat over a Greek Salad.

  • Chicken Salad:

    Marinated tender Chicken over a Greek Salad

  • Falafel Salad:

    Crispy fried Garbanzo Beans over a Greek Salad.

  • Spring Salad

    Fresh green leaves with tasty dressing on top.

  • Deserts

  • Choclava

  • Baklava

  • Halva


  • Humus

    Rich creamy crushed garbanzo beans mixed with tahini and garlic served with warm Pita

  • Baba Ganoush

    Charbroiled Eggplant mixed with Tahini and Garlic served with warm Pita

  • Dolmas(5 Pcs):

    Grape leaves stuffed with Rice and Vegetables.

  • Falafel(5 Pcs)

    Crispy fried Garbanzo beans & Vegetables.

  • Greek Fries:

    French fries covered with rich garlic sauce and Feta cheese

  • Gyro Fries:

    Greek Fries topped with tasty Gyro meat

  • French Fries

    normal fresh french fries

  • Seasoned basmati rice

  • Lentil soup

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